“When I started studying, I became fascinated by the chemistry of life. At the time, had just discovered the relationship of hormones with human reproduction. And playback is the most dynamic part of life.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Benefits to Woman

"The Hormonal Implant treatments help the modern woman to prolong the body's and mind's well-being. They start living without rules and in a harmonic state for undetermined time." (COUTINHO, E.M.)

The Hormonal Implants are recommended for women who need to treat hormonal disturbances, replace the hormones they stop producing naturally in menopause, or are in search of an efficient contraception method or menstruation suppression. They provide an excellent method for those who wish to halt the symptoms of PMS or treat catamenial disease. Furthermore they are extremely efficient as a combat to anaemia - typical of females - besides acting in preserving fertility, in the treatment of lack of libido and prevention of infirmities

  The method of treatment with hormonal implants offers the following benefits to the female public:

• Lengthening of useful life - social, sexual and professional;

• Decreased risk of anticipated death due to degenerative diseases; • Preservation of self-esteem, libido, sexuality, attraction, vaginal lubrication and vigour, decreased sweating and heat, reduces tiredness, regulates sleep as well as improving cognitive functions and memory; • Maintenance of muscle mass, beauty, skin's and eyes' glow, besides avoiding premature hair loss; • Avoids and reverts osteoporosis, increasing the bone constructing cell's useful - regulating the formation and absorption cycle between osteoblasts and osteoclasts. • Reduces the incidence of some kinds of cancers, such as: intestine and endometrial. • Prevents arteriosclerosis by regulating the production of good cholesterol (HDL), reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and thus avoiding heart attacks due to plaque build up. • The sex hormones are also responsible for liberating the characteristic female smell, fundamental to the sexual dynamic. The pheromone, kind of sexual hormone detectable from the scent, is a by-product of testosterone and oestradiol.