The modern woman

“We are here because of them and nothing fairer than dedicate my work to the welfare and health of women.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Menstruation – To Bleed Or Not To Bleed

Menstruation seems today to be a much talked about and easy for women to deal with. But that is not exactly the reality today. When we talk about menstruation, there are several complains about the symptoms or effects that it causes. Women complain of headache, breast pain and hurting legs, abdominal swelling and cramps, irritability, temper fluctuation, stress and the sensation of weariness. These and other discomforts start a little before menstruation and, in some cases, don't go away several days after menstruation is over.

Concerned in reducing these uncomfortable effects, the doctor and scientist Elsimar Coutinho has been dedicated, for more than five decades, to studying the mechanism that defines menstruation and the methods that minimize the bad symptoms related by women. Dr. Coutinho argues that menstruation is a useless bleeding. To him, connecting to menstruation the concepts of femininity, fertility and youth is a mistake that has to be repaired. Medicine seems to him, to be the best way of giving back to women their well being which was denied them simply by cultural reasons.

At the time of the primates, when there was no "civilization" as we know it today, women only menstruated a few times during their life since, during each ovulation, she would have intercourse with a partner and thus get pregnant time and again. Women's achievements over the years gave them the possibility of deciding when and how many pregnancies they were willing to have. The number of pregnancies and offspring became smaller and smaller over time, since this woman started to pursue her personal and especially professional growth within society.

Therefore, Dr. Coutinho fiercely defends the idea that bleeding monthly is an invention of modern civilization. More still, to him, menstruation is a useless bleeding that takes away from them the full quality of life, without pains, aches and limitations and brings, besides the periodic discomfort, illnesses that can negatively influence their development.

It was from these observations that Dr. Coutinho developed the Hormonal Implants with substances that, besides ridding women of the problems connected to menstruation - like PMS, menopause and other situations - also gives them back the right to enjoy a life that is more peaceful away from the issues regarding the sexual hormones.

So, if you want to enjoy this improved quality of life, and the possibility of a full and conscious way to relate in your personal, professional, emotional and sexual life than you are in the right place and on the right track: the hormonal implants as a means of bringing menstruation to an end.

From now on, you will get to now every problem that can be treated through Hormone Replacement Therapy. You will be able to unravel all your doubts about problems relating to hormones and how the Hormone Replacement Therapy is capable of solving them.