The modern woman

“We are here because of them and nothing fairer than dedicate my work to the welfare and health of women.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Searching for the Perfect Body

A guy wants to be always well. To him the first person, most important in the world, is he himself. Therefore his self-esteem is so important for his professional, mental and social progress. Self-esteem is based on whatever the person thinks of his body in relation to what is considered a perfect body.

But finally, what is a perfect body?

A perfect body has to have symmetry, that is, to be proportional in height, weight and the other body parts (chest, buttocks, hips, shoulders and legs). It also shouldn't have excess or lack of body fat. Meanwhile, the perfect body has to be, above all, healthy.

When the internal wheels don't work correctly, the body's surface shows the reflexes. Therefore, the perfect body must have good lipid blood levels, must be up to date with minerals and vitamins, and especially good hormonal balance.

It is imperative that the sexual hormone proportion (testosterone x oestradiol) be in perfect accordance with the necessary levels, for men as much as for women. Only then will they have good libido, vitality, be sexually active and thus embody the sensuality/sexuality inherent to sex.