The modern woman

“We are here because of them and nothing fairer than dedicate my work to the welfare and health of women.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Treatments for young

How does Dr. Coutinho's work favour the young?

A number of conditions and illnesses make it necessary for many youngsters to be treated with the hormonal replacement therapy.

Growth difficulties, hypogonadism, anaemia, puberty absence for endocrine reasons are some of the complications that get boys and girls to Dr. Coutinho's practice.

Girls in particular resort to the vast knowledge of this professional in search of the benefits offered by the suppression of menstruation. It protects the female reproductive system avoiding the so-called monthly mini abortions, besides acting preventively against the development of catamenial illnesses.

The suppression of menstruation still contributes for family planning, preventing unwanted pregnancy and the psychological consequences that afflict mother, child and the whole family.

In the hormonal replacement therapy treatments directed by Dr. Elsimar, the young girls also get the satisfaction of having a nice body, with fully developed breasts, small waist, wide hips a smooth skin and above all - good health.