More than half a century devoted
to the study of the chemistry of life

“The medicine for me was not really a choice. It was something natural, a kind of inheritance. In a way, I was influenced by my father Elsior Coutinho, who was a doctor, pharmacist and professor of pharmacology. He taught how to extract drugs from plants, something my grandfather did, despite not being formed. My grandfather was a practical medicine and my father surely was inspired by him.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

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Today, with 84 years, Dr. M. Coutinho Elsimar considered fully realized to have contributed to the human being can realize their dreams and live better.

Still, he believes that his mission did not end. Currently, in addition to practice medicine in several cities, Elsimar Dr. M. Coutinho heads the Centre for Research and Care of Human Reproduction (CEPARH) in Salvador, a member of more than 20 medical research institutions in Brazil and abroad and advisor of the Organization World of Health.