“Men are the ones that help women to structure family. Women have a father, husband, children ... Helping men I also help women”.

“The medicine for me was not really a choice. It was something natural, a kind of inheritance. In a way, I was influenced by my father Elsior Coutinho, who was a doctor, pharmacist and professor of pharmacology. He taught how to extract drugs from plants, something my grandfather did, despite not being formed. My grandfather was a practical medicine and my father surely was inspired by him.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

Hormonal Replacement

The hormone implant is the safest and healthier way to stabilize the balance of the male hormone, testosterone. It is indicated in cases of late onset hypogonadism, popularly called "Andropause".

Men who use the method can achieve the following results:

- Lengthening of useful life - social, sexual and professional; - Decreased risk of anticipated death due to degenerative diseases; - Preservation of muscle mass, strong bones and deep tone of voice, besides the virility and physical strength which distinguish the male essence; - Testosterone protects the memory especially of middle-aged men. Furthermore it keeps the immune system activated, avoiding viruses and infections, accelerating healing process for lesions and injury. - Prevents the effects of andropause: head aches, dried out and flaccid skin, anaemia, apathy and depression, increased feminine body fat, amongst others; - Prevents arteriosclerosis, regulating the production of the good cholesterol (HDL), decreasing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and thus avoiding heart attacks due to fat accumulation. - Wards off sexual impotence, when due to hormone imbalance; - Maintenance of self-esteem, libido (sexual appetite), eyes shine and characteristic male smell; - Good hormonal balance stirs in the woman, during a kiss, sexual excitement and lust. Saliva has testosterone, which contributes to get her excited after exchange of salivary fluids. - The treatment also decreases the level of the stress hormone "cortisol", providing good health and quality of life;

The hormonal implants are also indicated for the treatment of numerous cases of illnesses that develop because of hormonal alterations in the male body.