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About the website

Credible information in favor of human health and well-being. Over the last decade, the internet has established itself as an important ally of human beings and can even help them to have more health, well-being and quality of life. Someone who uses, for example, a symptom as a keyword in a search engine, is forwarded to information that, when made available with credibility and responsibility, can significantly contribute to the physicians’ diagnosis. It was precisely the undeniable potential that this medium has to collaborate for the health of many lives that motivated Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho and his team to launch the www.elsimarcoutinho.com portal. More than a historical and institutional presentation of a world-renowned physician, it is one of the richest compilations of scientific content on health, sexuality and human reproduction.

The articles and explanations about treatments and medicines that have already ensured health, well-being and quality of life for thousands of people are the result of more than 50 years of research and discoveries made by Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho and published in different parts of the planet. For the lay public, this set of data has the purpose of showing the importance of male and female hormones for the perfect functioning of the body and mind. The studies of Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho proved that low levels of hormones are related to depression, loss of libido, physical disability and other ailments that cause serious consequences in the affective, social and professional lives of individuals. Few people know that hormonal decline is an event resulting from advancing age, which makes virtually all individuals subject to the discomforts it causes. However, this natural deficiency of the human body can be counteracted through hormone replacement therapy treatment. A possibility that for the vast majority of people translates into well-being, health and quality.

Due to the scientific content of the information available, the www.elsimarcoutinho.com portal also has the mission of contributing to the national and international scientific community. The high level and reliability of the data make them a noble reference for researchers, students, doctors and other health professionals. It is worth emphasizing editorial care with all information published on the site, so that its content is not used, under any circumstances, as a self-diagnosis. The rules detailed in the portal’s privacy policy also reflect ethical and responsible conduct. The portal also fulfills its social function by publicizing the work of CEPARH – Center for Research and Assistance in Human Reproduction (www.ceparh.com.br), a philanthropic institution founded by Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho, aimed at providing free assistance to people who need guidance and treatments in various areas of medicine and human reproduction. All of this makes www.elsimarcoutinho.com a new and modern knowledge center on the chemistry of life and its benefits for people.