Elsimar Coutinho

Medicine: an inherited passion

“Medicine for me was not really a choice. It was something natural, a kind of inheritance. In a way, I was influenced by my father Elsior Coutinho. My grandfather was a medical practitioner and my father was certainly inspired by him.”

Grand Masters of the 21st Century Award

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho was selected by the Governing Board of Editors or the American Biographical Institute ABI to receive the “Great Minds of the 21 Century” award thanks to his significant achievements and mastery of Reproductive Medicine, This award is reserved for men and women those who have attainments and influence resulting from superior conditioning of the intellect.

Most Outstanding Contributions of the 21st Century Award

The Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho has just received a diploma awarded by the International Biographical Center – Cambridge / England, which announces and celebrates his achievements as the most important contributions of the 21st century to humanity, in the field of Human Reproduction.

Medical Merit

The Dr. Elsimar M. Coutinho was honored by the Associação Baiana de Medicina for his dedication to Brazilian Medicine. Year 2014.